The Tata Sky, Sun Direct, which has been hit by Trai, is no longer charged

tata sky and sun direct

New regulations made by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on television cable and DTH broadcasts became the major head of DTH operators and local cable operators. Whether it’s good to give customers a chance to see any channels brought by Trai .. If packages do not choose each channel, the bill that comes with extra tags is deteriorating. The HD and SD channels pack will have to pay a bill of Rs.300-400. In addition, the mandatory NCF Fee should also be paid Rs.130. The pack is getting better when choosing top 5 channels. DTH customers are angry with this. Trai ‘s new rules have come to light. As part of these rules, Sun Direct and Tata Sky have removed NCF (network capacity fee) for customers.

Fee network capacity

According to a report from Telecom Talk, the two operator companies have removed their NCF (network capacity fee) charges. The monthly bill will be heavily subsidized. Sun Direct has lifted NCF (network capacity fee) for all channels. Customers will get Rs 153K free of air (FTA) channels. This includes (Rs 130 fee + 18% GST).

20 to 25 percent

Other DTH operators are paying about 20 to 25 percent of the NFC fare. It has taken the Tata Sky. Customers would have to pay Rs 203 for the same service. Every ten channels have to pay 5 rupees.

All channels with Rs153

Now you can take all channels with just Rs 153. Accordingly, it can pay 50 rupees for every 10 channels. Each channel price is only Rs 2. The same was earlier 5 rupees. The price of some channels is up to 19 rupees.

Sun Direct

At a reduced price, 207 channels can now be seen at Rs 224 K in these two operators. The tags are extraordinary. Earlier, Sun Direct paid 212 channels to pay Rs 882. Now it is Rs. 867k has come down. Even if there is no big deal, customers can have some help.

Trai that tells good news to TV users

The Telecom Regulatory Authority – Troy has once again extended its deadline to select channels for the new tariff system. The decision to extend the deadline from January 31 to 31 March has been decided. So far, the choice of channel selection is available to the customers who are struggling to select a tariff. Trai ordered operators to create a Best Fit Plan on Consumer Choice. According to Troy Report, there are over 100 million cable services and 67 million DTH services across the country.

Problems with customers

Some users are struggling to select channels. Trai reveals that such a problem will arise when local cable operators do not provide users with the option of channel selection. Trai said the old plan is going to be a choice for choosing channels.

The deadline of January 31

Trai had earlier announced January 31 deadline for a new tariff option. Some channels do not broadcast from February 1 for the new tariff selectors. This is more confusing customers. Trai has been raised once again till March 31 to select a new tariff.

Best Fitness Plan

Under the Best Fitness Plan, most consumers fail to select the channels they want. Trai said that the deadline has been extended for the selection. As of March 31, customers can switch under the Best Fitness Plan.

Rs.130K 100 channels

Trai ‘s new approach to broadcasts and cable services has become known. In this process users will have to watch and watch only the channels that they want. Customers can get Rs.130K 100 channels together with taxes. The service provider needs to tell which channels they want to see. Pay the price fixed for each channel that needs to be stopped.

Hundred times this time!

Trai ‘s argument is that consumers are not interested in a new tariff with reasons for ignorance and neglect of cable operators. That is why the deadline till January 31 has been extended till March 31. In the meantime, customers can switch under the Best Fitness Plan. No additional charges will be charged for this. Customers have been able to get more time to select a pack of TV channels. Whether the Trai attempts to bring TV users across the country to the new tariff system will see if this will be fulfilled.

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