5 Tips to use pen drive in a different way

5 Tips to use pen drive in a different way

5 Tips to use pen drive in a different way:- We all use Pen drive in our everyday life. PenDriv is used mostly for data transfer. Now you will not know that your own simple pen drive can do many different things. So see to know

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Use PenDrive as a RAM

RAM is an important part of any computer or laptop. But you do not know this. You can also use your pen drive to make RAM.

Secure data by putting the password in PenDrive

Many times we have some such private data. Which we can not keep in our computer or laptop. In this way, we can save it in my pen drive and password.

Lock and unlock computer from PenDrive

Every one of us seems to have a password on our computer or laptop. For security. And in such a case it is also scared. Nobody can hack it out But you can do this by doing your pen drive. And keep that pen drive near you. In this case, nobody can open your PC without your permission. Through software named Predator, you can also change your PC’s unlock password via a USB device.

Put a window into your PC from PenDrive

If your PC does not have a DVD writer. Or is it trillion? Then you can also install windows
from PenDrive in your PC. For this, you have to make your pen drive a bootable pen drive.

Use Penrite for Computer Troubleshooting

If you are unable to boot into the computer In this case, you can use the USB flash drive to fix, maintain, or troubleshoot the computer as per the requirement. You can use Trend Micro’s HouseCall or Glary Utilities, which can be used to clean up a registry clean, temporary files, manage startup program.

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